Evening Light(s)

Kind of Eerie Lavender Love Bruce Monroe Light SculptureThree more shots from the Franklin Park Conservatory. It is just a magical place, no matter what exhibit they have at the time. The dome lights change all the time, regardless. The field of lights are by artist Bruce Monroe, and the building under the clouds is just that. šŸ˜‰


Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

Good ol' Columbus, Ohio hi!2 totally different expressions of “In the Background”. The top is a nice sky photo (again my apologies for not taking the time to erase all the crap in the shot, will do soon, I promise) with the skyline of downtown Columbus, Ohio at the bottom. I took this the other day from atop the parking garage at the airport. Cheap thrills for a few bucks. Watching planes take off and land, lots of birds, and miles of sky!

The other photo is of someĀ seaĀ gulls looking for food up atĀ AlumĀ Creek. The guy in the foreground had a really unique look to him, albeit a bit worn. I liked him, and did not try to take this shot with his friend looking like he is riding on his back. Ha ha, too cute.

Footnote: As I previewed this post the two photos almost look merged. And even weirder accident perfect for In the Background! Funny.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

…and while the first thing that pops into my mind when I hear the word ‘culture’, is strep throat or yogurt, the third thing is fine art! Here are a few photos from my recent trip to Cincinnati, Ohio, and our visit to the Contemporary Art Center. It is really cool! I apologize for having no idea the artists’ names for artworks featured. It is a great place for kids to visit, too! I also highly recommend the Cincinnati Art Museum. Cincinnati has some rather impressive culture, indeed.