That’s a Peach, Hon (Homage to Caddyshack & Wayne Thiebaud)

Oooh, a double homage! A fine¬†juxtaposition¬†of highbrow and lowbrow! I can’t look at a peach without thinking of the line in Caddyshack, “That’s a peach, Hon.” (I have seen that movie many, many, times. Caddyshack and Young Frankenstein have the best one liners if you ask me.) I got this huge beautiful peach from friends the other night, and it just begged to have its portrait done. And then, I love Wayne Thiebaud, so I played with the photo on Photoshop this morning, to emulate my favorite aspects of his paintings. I like it. I will have to eat this peach today, but it will live on for eternity in digital-land.