Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

frozen bottle bottom frozen bottle 2 frozen bottle 3 emerging sunThe first three photos are of a bottle I had outside with frozen water at the bottom. (This is from last winter). The last photo is of the sun shining through some clouds (unedited). I took this one earlier today. The frozen water had beautiful bubbles that flared out, creating an infinite and curious display of science, and nature. The sun is inherently infinite, as is the sh*t all over my lens and camera sensor. Imagine the infinite amount of time wasted on cleaning up my photos. It is increasing maddening. I guess I will have to figure out a way to clean it. I think there are an infinite amount of things that are annoying. A dirty camera should not be one of them. 😉


Spring Fever Part IV aka Rainbow 1 of 2 in 2 days

somewhere taste the rainbow the last bit remains pan rainbow attempt

The other day we went storm chasing and got to see a beautiful rainbow. I wish my attempt at piecing together 2 photos to create a panorama was better, but oh well. Vignetting spoiled a better result. Taken April 24th, 2013


Spring Fever

sunset lookout below envyI have been busy, it seems. But not too busy to take photos. I have some catching up to do, so I am starting with a sunset. Boy, do I envy the kayaker! These are taken at Alum Creek, Delaware, Ohio. Taken April 15th, 2013