Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light

Let there be light!Yesterday was a GREAT day! (It was my birthday, normally a day I am weird about.) I got to spend the day with my kids (who made homemade cards for me and gave me thoughtful little trinkets from their rooms), got some flowers and a card from a friend by surprise, visited a puppy and another dear friend, played darts, ate cake and a delicious dinner, and had a fantastic sunset to shoot! I took this at Prairie Oaks Metro Park (This is their facility building.) I will say, I played with the top of the sky a bit in Lightroom 5, making have that weird green hue. I like it better because it is weird and eerie, and maybe not even possible unless some Northern Light action is occurring. Anyway, let their be light! Without it, we would be bumping into a lot of stuff. 😉 P.S. I said weird 3 times in this blog post. Ha ha!


Chilly Evening

brr...Went for a little walk last night with my daughter. It was so beautiful. I love the solitude the colder months give us at the parks. I guess most people like it hot and humid. Not me, no thanks. It was so beautiful! The birds were calling out to their friends, and we had the whole place to ourselves, human-wise.