Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

sleeping beauty

I have had the theme “Inside” in my head since Friday. Since I really like shooting things outside, I kept the concept in the back of my mind, ever mulling it around. Today it is raining. A late winter/early spring kind of rain. Light and soft, but grey. A cleansing of the winter grime. I started taking photos of the raindrops on the windows, wind chimes in the background. Then I took some shots of the drops in my beloved water container on the deck. I liked those a lot, so I took more. Upon editing these photos, I noticed a sunken passion-flower leaf leftover from last summer that somehow looks like a submerged water beauty. Under the water, waiting, pondering, smiling, looking up…she is rather eerie in there.  I think my daughter will love her, she loves water and mermaids and fairies. So, this is my photo for Inside. She lives inside my water garden, content and peaceful, enjoying the view.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal (part II)

I just had to show off the result of my 10-year-old daughter’s first real photography project. Although I fully admit to helping a bit, she shot the photo using a cable release and tripod, chose which photo she liked the best and edited it herself!! The gray edges are so it could be printed out as an 8×10 to submit for a school contest where the theme was: “The Magic of the Moment” ! I love it. And, I am proud of myself for keeping my opinion to a minimum, (which is REALLY hard for me). 😉