Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections (II)

Here are some sunset (and one morning sun) photos from Alum Creek Reservoir. While I am looking forward to the Spring and growing some vegetation during the upcoming warmer months, I will miss the insect/human-free hikes to my favorite hideaway.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections (I)

I hope my little water feature isn’t becoming dull or redundant. But, I really like these drop photos with their reflections from above and below. I just think they are cool. I am also working on a part 2 for reflections that is lake oriented, so hold on to your hats…

Saturday’s Diptych

separated at birth?So similar, yet so different. The image on the left is from the sun shining through my window yesterday, on to some plastic, making the incredible reflections on the wall. It was really fun to move the plastic around and get different images. They really remind me more of skeletal shapes, but the movement is really cloud-like as well. I just had to stick them side by side. I just love stumbling upon great opportunities like that. What is that called? Kismet, fate (what’s the difference?), good luck, the beauty of stacking crap around your house and not putting it away? Yeah, the last one. ūüėČ


Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

How exciting! Phoneography! So, this was REALLY a challenge, as my phone is not only not a “smart” phone, but a real cheap-o. The phone is a Huawei Pillar and the camera has “VGA Resolution” which mean .3 megapixels. Yes, you read that right!!!!! Ha ha! But I pay $25 a month and have 300 voice minutes and unlimited texting. I can even play UNO on it as well as Bubble-Bash. SO, I got that going for me. Anyway, back to the task at hand. These photos are so bad…(how bad are they) yes, I am that old, ¬†photos from my phone probably would not even hold up in court as evidence. So, I took a few photos around my house, down the street, a reflection of Ruby looking out the door at me on my deck and my backyard,with a window¬†reflection¬†of the sunset, my normal daily stuff. And, since they all stunk, I played with them on the “Pixelmator”. Apple’s photo fun program I bought since I still haven’t been able to put my Photoshop on my new computer. I don’t think my camera phone is something I would want to use for really anything in the future, but for this it was fun. And I learned what “VGA Resolution”¬†means. I bet it stands for Really Grainy Ass-pointless resolution .

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I purchased some gorgeous hand-blown glass ornaments yesterday. I just had to use them as the Reflections Challenge!