Weekly Photo Challenge: Room (II)

looking out my window

Yesterday as I hit my “wall of tired” (I am the damn tired-est person I know) I saw this cool doubling of the tree reflections out my window. So instead of taking a nap (it was rather late in the day for a nap at 7:30pm) I took a couple of photos, took the kids to the pool and knitted a baby hat. Then came home and watched Orange is the New Black. That is a darn good show if I do say so myself. I digress….I used the Colorstrokes program to enhance the photo. That is a really cool photo program to “colorize” photos. What you really do is drag in your photo as a color image, it makes it black and white, then you “paint” over what you want back in color and it reveals the true color. You can also do other things. Here I blurred the black and white part. I like it. This is my view out of my room, while in my room. Part 2 of my Weekly Photo Challenge: Room.¬†

Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

For my weekly photo challenge: Room, I am using photos from a recent school trip to our Columbus Zoo. I love animals and nature. ¬†Zoos make me rather sad. Rarely do I see an animal and think, “Wow, is that a happy animal!” And while they teach us about animals and might bring more awareness to conservation, I can’t help but be sad. There are some horrific zoos in the world and ours is supposed to be one of the best. Still, it is sad. I think if the animals had a choice, they rather be doing what they are supposed to be doing, out in nature. I don’t think they think they have it good and are being protected by poachers or hunters or even their natural predators. I think they think, “Is that all there is….?” I think they think that their room is confining and limited. Imagine if my mother kept me locked in my room (as great as my room was) for my entire life. Not a life at all.