Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy (III)

Is there something in my whisker?And, lastly, who can resist some squirrel joy?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

squirrel in a pumpkinAnd now for something completely unexpected: A squirrel in a pumpkin montage. The squirrel thinks pumpkin seeds are mighty grand. I think a squirrel sticking her head in a pumpkin to get them is even more grand!


Foggy Bloggy

Yesterday was gloriously foggy in the morning. It does not seem very often, so it was a real treat! There is nothing else like it. It feels and looks other worldly, and smells delightful. I got up early this morning in hopes of a repeat, but I got nothing. Not even an exciting sunrise. Plain, boring, gray, rainy clouds. Oh well. I tried, which is better than nothing. I also included a shot of my new friend the super cute ginger squirrel who was not at all afraid of me, and he was HUGE! Fog! Love it!