Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

good mornng triptych

This morning was beautiful! We had a storm pass through and wash away most of our snow. Today is really windy with some wonderful clouds!

In my triptych is a crow that I was following with the camera. Crows are such smart creatures. I love them! Later I had a big hawk in my backyard, but I wasn’t “ready” for that. IOW, my shutter speed was too slow and my lens too short. Here is what I got as he swooped with grace trying to eat one of my songbirds.woosh

‘Tis the Season

I am not a multitasker and the craziness of all I have to do and remember is making me very foggy headed. These skies may be repeats, but they are meant as breathing room, a pause for calm. I wish you all peace and calm this holiday season. ❤

December Fog

Yes, I love fog! I experienced the densest fog I have ever seen this morning. Fog was everywhere in central Ohio this morning, but the thick stuff was patchy. I didn’t stop to take photos on the road for fear of being plowed into in those spots. It was glorious, and a little scary. Luckily I didn’t see many cars at all where it was really thick.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

It is as though the weekly challenge was made for my morning! I got up early in hopes of a great sunrise and potential foggy morning. The dogs behaved for the most part and off I went. It was not foggy by my house, but it was in the country. While I should not complain, as it was a morning of beautiful sights and smells, I am reminded of my lack of breathing room. I passed so many great things to shoot for fear of being rear ended by others who had their destinations in hot pursuit (a red-tailed hawk, a foggy graveyard, rolling hills). Other views would have also put me and my fellow humans at risk for collision due to blind spots and no where to pull off the road. Oh, how I yearn for a place of a slow pace and open skies, my future I dream it to be. *Sigh*

Being Brave… Easier said than Done

So, I entered a photo contest that looks very exciting. People can vote for you, but as we all know in art, it isn’t what you do, it’s who you know. At least that is how it seems a lot of the time. Right? So, I am trying to be brave and solicit help from all of my dear WordPress friends and ask you to vote for me. I entered a lot of my favorite sky/cloud/sunset photos, because they are the images that truly make me happy. Maybe they are a tad cliché, but hey, that is ok by me.

So here is the link, and you can see the photos there, or down below. You might recognize some of them. 😉


Thank you for your time! Sorry for the “shameless” self promotion!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

beach campfire sunrise pineThese 2 photos are from my recent trip to Beaver Island, MI. I wish I lived there. Here is our fire in our back yard of the house we rented, and a shot of the sun coming up taken from the deck. Damn, I can’t wait to go back. Beaver Island is the epitome of carefree.

Spring Fever Part II aka Good Morning Sunshine


breathe breathe in breathe out

These are taken also up at Alum Creek, Delaware, Ohio, the following morning. April 16th, 2013. Rise and Shine!

Sleepy Sunny Sunday

nature pond goose ripples science projectAnother beautiful day in good ol’ Columbus, Ohio! We got up early (yes, even losing an hour) to take some sunrise photos. There were some nice cloud formations and some exciting goose moments. The red-headed duck I saw yesterday was still hanging out, and his friends (who don’t match) came back (they had left yesterday and he stayed with the geese). The third photo does not belong, but I included it because it is fun. And the sweeping curves are similar, maybe tying them all together in some esoteric kind of way (?) ~~~~ green bubbles forming on an egg in colored vinegar for a science project. Enjoy this lovely day! I hope yours is a nice as mine. I even have all my windows open!!!

red and friends landing speed!