Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Since most of my photos are nature based, I went back to a super fun trip I took with my friend’s to Pittsburgh almost 2 years ago for some “Street Life”. I went to college in P-Town in the 80’s (where has the time gone??) and it was really great to visit again. It has changed quite a bit. It was much friendlier downtown (dahntahn) and cleaned up quite a bit. The arts are really flourishing everywhere, and on my old street (South Street) it was bumper to bumper with nightlife (young partying people ). Except for the latter, it was really refreshing! Pittsburgh is a great city to visit if you are looking for some urban fun without a really high ticket price. We didn’t get to do half the things I wanted to, so hopefully I go back soon!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Most things that are foreign to one person are not foreign to another. The only thing I could think of that is truly foreign to everyone is a foreign object in the eye. No one likes that. But I thought that might be a painful thing to photograph, with possibilities of a trip to the ER. The only country I have visited is Canada. I love Canada, but it does not seem foreign. Well, Quebec would, since they speak French, but I haven’t been to that part.

So I decided to make this entry in homage to my dear friend Cee, whom I greatly admire!

Cee LOVES travelling, and is returning to India (her favorite place in the world) in a few days for a month-long visit. In my opinion Cee is very brave and very contiguously appreciating of so many cultures. She goes wherever she wants, accomplishes whatever she wants, and has overcome many trying times. And everything she does is full of love and light and purpose. This photo is of a box she owns from India. Last night we looked at photos from her previous trips. The beauty there is just amazing. The intricate details and show of devotion to many things is so exciting and wonderful. Then we enjoyed a fantastic dinner at a local Indian restaurant. Cee is a blond-haired, blued eyed Caucasian woman. She recently won a prize at an Indian festival for dancing! They even interviewed her for Indian TV. The television crew were very impressed she embraced their culture and could correctly pronounce their words. She has opened my eyes to a far away land that seems thrilling (yet intimidating to me) to visit. I am working on being braver in my life. It isn’t easy. My silly anxiety creates fear of a lot of things that I know are unfounded, and down right excuses, to leave my comfort zone. I hope to be brave like my dear friend Cee and overcome these fears that I let hold me back. But for today, I celebrate Cee, and dream of all things Foreign, except for a sharp thing in my eye.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

This was the hardest challenge for me so far! But, I like what I found! This is me flying on a plane back from San Francisco to Ohio a few years ago. I always wish I could sit in the front looking out at the sky where we heading.

Guess I should take some flying lessons then?