Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

the big fang theory

There is nothing cooler than being inside a cave! Here are some of my snapshots from the Ohio Caverns. And, yes, a cave is literally and figuratively cool!

The stalactite above is 5 feet long!

rocks ROCK

I love rocks! Here is my printer’s drawer display of some of my rocks. Some¬†bought, some gifts, some brought back from places I’ve been. I even polished some of those in my tumbler. I would say, the best finds were in Alaska. I drove back with lots of rocks from there. Just gorgeous. I have lots of rocks around my house, in my car, on my desk, in plants, in my garden, everywhere. My kids love showing me the cool rocks they find, too. If I HAD to choose a favorite rock, I would say the magnificent agate. They are like little works of art. (Which makes me think… ooh, enlarged closeups of agates= coolness!) So many colors and patterns. I do like colored diamonds and fine gemstones too, but those are much more high¬†maintenance (not to mention $$). Even though I have a fairly good collection of nice gems as well, I would say I’d be happier with a really cool agate than a giant Liz Taylor diamond. In fact, below is my favorite ring I made with an agate I got while I lived in Minnesota from a really cool shop that specialized in agates from Lake Superior. It’s nickname is an eye agate. Also below is a cool ring I bought for $20 (in a cheap, adjustable setting), but the stone is just awesome! I will have to make that into something else someday. Did I mention that I love rocks?