Edge of Force

stormy sunset

Another storm cell was rolling in last night as the sun set and it gave a little fire for a moment before the lighting started getting too close for comfort.

Friends in High Places

This week has had some spectacular sunsets. We had a few small storm clouds roll through and then clear up. It was really hot and humid, but we have been lucky to get some really nice days in the 70s yesterday and today. Windows open!

Not So Usual Sightings

Here is a group of photos that have a couple of things in common, even though at first sight they probably look rather diverse. Obviously they are all taken by me, but they all contain things that are not seen as often as would be nice! They are also all from the last few days. I hope you enjoy the double rainbow, monarch butterfly (in my garden on my milkweed, yea!) a heart-shaped cloud that is in shadow, and a green heron. If you look you might be surprised at what you see!

Oh Mammatus!

Short and sweet: Last night we had a small storm cell go through. My favorite clouds, the mammatus, were spectacular!!! And we saw and heard some big bullfrogs and were graced by many red winged blackbirds and swallows! Glory Be!

Winter Passion

Winter Passion

Looking out my window, almost ALL the snow is gone. ūüė¶ Boo. I really love winter, the quiet solitude, the unusual beauty. We didn’t get any snow here in Ohio last year at all. This year we got a lot! It was really great, even though most people (especially the weathermen) complained about how “awful” winter was. Our weatherman always rates the day’s weather, and even if it is beautifully sunny, he gives winter days under a 4, on a scale of 1-10. What is up with that? Winter haters. It was a great winter! Full of snow and ice and cold and just the way a winter should be. I will miss you winter! I will take a day under freezing over a day over 80 any day of the week!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Juxtaposition: One of my all time favorite words. I think I learned this word while studying art. A word that makes a visual oxymoron have meaning, purpose, delightful complexity. I like the contrast of many things. To find images that show juxtaposition is a bit daunting, at least with how I feel about the word. I feel like a juxtaposition of things is deliberate, whereas these images reveal things that happened on their own, only to be frozen in time by my camera. For example, my kitchen combines an aqua colored glass tile backsplash, clean and cool, like a pool, next to the natural mossy greens of my formica counter that almost resembles polished cement. I had a friend think this combination was absurd. But her kitchen is beige, tan, off white, and a big explosion of less than dull to me. So, to each his own, but I choose juxtaposition any day of the week! Viva la expression!

Violent Fall Storm

These photos were taken Sunday, late afternoon, here in Central Ohio, at Glacier Ridge Metro Park. The skies were just beautiful and fast, and elsewhere in the Midwest very destructive. I hope and pray for the people who were in the path of this storm are back to normal quickly and safely. My heart goes out to you.

An Indepth Look at Procrastination

turbulentSince I am a master of Procrastination, I thought I should look up the word’s definition. After all, what am I “pro” of? The Online Etymology Dictionary says, “1540s, from Middle French¬†procrastination¬†and directly from Latin¬†procrastinationem¬†(nominative¬†procrastinatio) “a putting off from day to day,” noun of action from past participle stem of¬†procrastinare¬†“put off till tomorrow, defer, delay,” frompro-¬†“forward” (see¬†pro-) +¬†crastinus¬†“belonging to tomorrow,” from¬†cras¬†“tomorrow,” of unknown origin. So there. Now, I will pretend to go do some stuff I am supposed to do. Fauxpostcrastination? Perhaps.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

horizon baneLove this challenge! Although, I could do without all the little buildings seen here. Little buildings aka suburban sprawl aka me no likey. This was a day of great skies, but also frustrating because I missed the rainbow and ethereal soft sky during sunset as I was shoe shopping for my kids. At least I get to buy new shoes. ūüėČ