It’s all Fun and Games (until you have to pay the bill)

I went to Pittsburgh last weekend with 2 awesome friends and it was a photo taking marathon! We each had our SLRs snapping away at everything in sight, and there was so much to see! It was really fun and really beautiful; I can’t wait to go back! I went to school in Pittsburgh, learned a lot, enjoyed a great city. It’s been too long (22 years) so it was great to be back. They have really fixed up a lot of things. We only got to do about 1/10th of what we wanted, but that is fine, it gives me an excuse to go back soon. Too bad boarding (only some) of my pets costs so darn much. Oh well, I get to have that problem, right? If you hover over the photos, there is a description. Good friends, good food, good wine, good art, good sight-seeing= lots of fun and 703 photos taken! Ha ha! I won’t say how many dollars spent, but they were worth it. Yea! And for a really cool finale: Here are some fireworks that we got to enjoy as we drank wine at a restaurant atop Mt. Washington overlooking the Monongahela. They shot them off after the Pirates game from a barge in the Allegheny. Very cool indeed!

4 thoughts on “It’s all Fun and Games (until you have to pay the bill)

  1. AT large images! I’m talking about the buildings, and how massively impressive you take capture of those.
    I always wonder about that to those who travel, boards on the plain, with their pet. You’re being honest bringing this up. Cost of traveling is not the topic people bring up to their blogpost.

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