Plane Skies (I)

Plane Skies 1.0Today is the first of a series I will post about photos I took a few years ago while flying to (or from) San Francisco. I was perusing older photos, which are in a different area since I have so many, to create a post for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea. I forgot about these photos for the most part, but I fell in love with them. When I first looked at them in ’09 I wasn’t impressed, wishing they were technically better, wishing I had taken my big girl camera, but now seeing them again I feel differently. I decided to create a series in posts with these, because one post of a combination of them wouldn’t show their importance. Here is my thinking: 1. I like them. 2.They hold personal significance (My first time to San Fransisco, except when I was born, and I met my birth mother for the first time on this trip). 3. Travelling is a luxury. Doubtless, many people travel by plane, but more cannot, and never get to experience the myriad of feelings and sights one has while flying. 4. Travelling for me is a luxury, and a pain in the ass. (2 words: PETS & KIDS). 5. Luck. If you are lucky enough to fly, you must be even more lucky to be able to see beautiful skies, clouds, and land and take photos of them out your window. Not to mention having a camera, and not crashing. 6. Our World. I wish for a world of peace and beauty and love. 7. I like them. I like that they were taken with a point and shoot, kind of grainy (noisy) and have stupid window reflections in them. They remind me of being a kid taking photos on trips with my instamatic, being a kid, being free, and being free in my life, for which I am very grateful.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. It makes me want to fly again. I better start saving my pennies.


3 thoughts on “Plane Skies (I)

  1. Plane pictures ~ flying over our beautiful landscape ~ seeing the variety in our Country. From over the water and large cities to small towns and small hills to the Sierras and the deep canyons and snowy tops to the flat farmed lands and the many small towns and villages. To again large bodies of water vast in their expanse and the cities in places where no mountains exist ~ this patchwork of landscape which lends itself to creative responses in so many ways … lovely, beautiful, exciting and educational! Thank you! xoxoxox

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