I Love the Fair!

Here is my daughter flying through the air on a spinning ride at the Franklin County Fair. I love the fair. I love all fairs. Tomorrow we are going to the Ohio State Fair. We already spent 7 hours there on opening day last week. I can’t spin (barf), but my kids love it! The amount of great things to do at the Ohio State Fair is unbelievable. If only I had an air-conditioned jumpsuit to wear. This year I even have a painting in the Fine Arts Building. It is really exciting! There is some amazing art from some amazing Ohio artists at the Fair. My Dad would be proud. Here is a photo of my painting. “F is for Flower”.

4 thoughts on “I Love the Fair!

  1. Yea. Upchucking is not an option. Today I saw a carnival traveling down the interstate. Actually just part of one. 4 giant multicolored dinosaurs on an overpass..couldn’t see the trailer so they floated overhead. Camara was in my bag. Poo

  2. How fun! Sorry you couldn’t get a photo of it~ but the thought is still very funny. I need to have camera glasses or something like that. So many times I see something great and I was just running out for a “minute”. I’d be set if I could invent that. Glasses camera controlled by my thoughts, like spy gear. “Oh Moneypenny, have you seen my camera glasses?”

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