Subtle Differences

icy waves winter wood soft evening cloudsChasing clouds, the kids I went to Alum Creek to see the sunset. But the clouds quickly rolled in making a gloomy and gray evening. But, the lake had some icy waves that made a tinkling sound like chimes of broken glass. It is an unusual sight here, as we don’t have such cold temperatures to warrant frozen lakes like our Northern friends. On the other side of my shoulder was a beautiful weathered log. We hiked around, seeing what we could see, enjoying the fresh but chilly air. Then as we were about to leave the sky began to open up and show us some beautiful soft pastels. While we enjoyed a small glimmer of sky we made a snowman; He was heavy! I don’t know how people make really big ones. We could barely lift this one together, even having to remove some of the snow on the middle section. We contemplated making him a sleeping sideways snowman.snowman sky!

2 thoughts on “Subtle Differences

    • Thanks! It was really cool! My kids loved it too. On Lake Erie there are giant ice slabs that split and flow into shore and create giant stabby ice sculptures. It is very cool. Literally and figuratively, ha ha

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